October 2012 Instructor at “Customs Choir” with Luciana Oendoen, get a second rank in a choir competition, in Finance Ministry Indonesia.

2012 In collaboration with “Friendship Production” did a concert for Mongolian Consulate, with Marthin Tupanno as conductor.

2011 Serve as organist at the program (John Rutter) Magnificat with St.Monika concert at the Grand Chapel Choir, UPH. Lucia Kusuma Wardani Tirta Pratiwi as a conductor. Ade Kustomo as a percussion player.

2010 Conductor and vocal courses in Musicasa, guided by Tommy Prabowo.

2010 Serve as organist at the Christmas Concert at ”Christmas in the whole world” program with St. Monika Choir.

2009 Serve as organist at the Easter concert ”Once Upon the Tree - Pepper Choplin” with St. Monika Choir Deutsche Internationale Schule in BSD.

2005 Arranged music for choir and orchestra.

2000 Learn at Trisakti, taking the program of Faculty of Art and Design, Strata 1.

1998 Learn the world of theater and musical theater, guided by Adi Kurdi, R

1989 Electone courses music at the Yamaha Music Foundation